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Thanks for stopping by.  I am an applied statistician and co-founder and CEO of Stan Group. My life has been connected to software since I was a 12-year-old kid in Riga, Latvia (USSR) when my stepfather brought home a Soviet PC clone. I discovered how to manage uncertainty by trading options in 2005, thanks to Tom Sosnoff and the gang at Thinkorswim.  I was introduced to statistics in 2007, thanks to my friend and statistics professor Robert Stinerock.  Thanks to Owen Davis, I finally understood what startups are all about.  I have two amazing kids who taught me more about life than I could ever hope to learn on my own. I live in Brooklyn with my awesome wife Jacki. I sometimes post random thoughts with pics on Tumblr.  My LinkedIn profile has some seriously boring stuff on it.  Check it out!  You can also follow me on twitter: @ericnovik

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